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Project Summary

The proposed Tallawang Solar Farm comprises a solar farm and battery storage infrastructure located in the locality of Tallawang, NSW, approximately 8 kilometres northwest of Gulgong.

If developed, Tallawang Solar Farm will involve the construction, operation, and maintenance of a 500MW solar farm on approximately 1300 hectares.  Energy storage infrastructure located within the project boundary will have a capacity of up to 1000 MWh.

The solar farm will connect to the Central West REZ and feed into the National Electricity Market.  It is anticipated that the solar farm will generate enough electricity to supply approximately 330,000 NSW households. 

RES is currently undertaking a number of environmental and social impact studies to assess the suitability of the site, understand any community concerns, and identify opportunities for the benefits of clean energy to flow locally. 

The proposed solar project will utilise bi-facial solar modules to generate energy from both the front and rear of the panels.  Panels are likely be a maximum of 5 metres high and 10 metres apart, arranged in rows. This distance between rows allows for ongoing use of the land for grazing or existing agricultural activities.

To enable the transfer of energy, other relevant infrastructure will be positioned across the site, such as inverters, transformers, battery units etc., as well as a number of temporary (during construction) and permanent operational and maintenance buildings.